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So, what’s my home worth?

Pricing a home correctly is the single most important thing to consider when selling your home. A home priced too high will sit on the market far too long and may become stigmatized and actually sell for less than if it were priced correctly. A home priced too low is just silly! Alliance carefully researches market data to determine the pricing sweet spot for your home.

Sold Comparable Homes.

This is how an appraiser determines the value of a home. We look at recently sold homes in your area; that are similar in size, finish, and desirability to determine how they “stack up” against yours. Sadly most agents stop here when pricing a home.

Under Contract Comparable Homes.

These are listings that have received an offer but have not yet sold. These listings are a good indicator of trends in your community, were they listed higher or lower than sold comps? How quickly did they go under contract? If listed prices are higher than sold sales it’s an indicator of an increasing market and your home should be listed more in line with these sales rather than sold sales alone.

Active Comparable Sales.

These guys are your competition. Because most buyers shop a certain area and are savvy about prices you don’t want to be listed too much higher or lower that the active comps in your market. These listings are also a better indicator of market values. How long have they been on the market? A home that sits too long is likely listed too high.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fine the “sweet spot” for your home. If you are curious what your home is worth, enter your information to the right and we will provide you a FREE home valuation.

What's My Home Worth?

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