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Meet the Vromans

We’ve known Ben and Abby, and their dog Bane, for as long as we can remember. In that time we’ve watched their lives grow and transform into the beautiful life they’ve built today.

5 years ago we were the lucky ones to help these guys build their first home together in North Salt Lake. At the time Abby was pregnant with their son, Koston, who arrived shortly after they moved into their first home. Koston is a firecracker, who is all boy – he loves sports and superheroes. He is already a budding ladies man that on occasion can be caught sneaking over to the neighbor’s house, at 7 AM or letting himself in when they aren’t home. In his defense his BFF lives there (whom he may have a little crush on).

Fast forward a couple years and in comes Lennon who is sweet, spunky, full of life, and absolutely hilarious. She is daring and unafraid, when her brother is apprehensive to try something, you’d better believe she will and with no fear. She gives people the cutest nicknames and has the greatest hair you’ve ever seen.

Of course a lot of other changes happened over their 5 years in North Salt Lake; they eloped in Hawaii (doing it right if you ask us) a big job change for Ben and all the other things that comes with life and kids. With their growing family, their small starter home wasn’t quite cutting it anymore and with jobs in Salt Lake the commute was wearing on them.

We sold their first home, a home they loved, where their family grew into what it is today. Saying goodbye to home with so many memories can be hard. But who says you can’t love a second home even more? And their second is really something; fully remodeled, closer to family and work; and with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, we can’t see them outgrowing this home anytime soon!

We are excited to be able to watch as Abby, Ben, Koston, Lennon and Bane start their next adventure. In a home with a large yard and a swing set on a street where you can always find other kids out playing. A home with a basement so friends and family can stay over. A home with a large kitchen and dining room so they can host holidays and family get-togethers.  A whole new home where they can continue to grow together and make memories. Plus, where it’s bigger it can surely hold even more happiness, love and memories!

Welcome Home, Vroman Family.


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