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First Timers in the City

First Timers in the City

Taylor and Spencer came to Alliance with a specific wish list for their first home together; a home with a yard for their dogs, close to downtown was a must, and just a short commute to the ski resorts.

“We were surprised that our new house payment was only slightly higher than our rent! Our home is larger, has two additional rooms that we rent out for extra income. We love having a yard for our 3 dogs (yes, one of them looks like a cat, but trust us…he’s more of a dog than our Shih Tzu Misha).

Our favorite spot in our new home is the kitchen. Often, we like to binge episodes of Chopped while we whip up a new dish together. Spencer is a bit shy about his amazing skills, but he makes KILLER guac! It’s definitely our favorite snack to make when we go to parties…or when we jump into a new season of Chopped. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

Spencer and I used to hate spending time and money making our rental feel like home. Now we actually enjoy making improvements on our new home knowing that we’re adding value. We just finished updating our kitchen, and can’t wait to jump into a few other projects and build our equity in this cute home!

We’re so happy that we chose Alliance. Ashley made sure our transaction was super smooth. She was a great negotiator and got all of our closing costs covered! Thank you Alliance!”






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